A look at the recent ‘Future of EverQuest 2’ SOE community Webcast…

Last night saw the weekly SOE Community Webcast discuss the future of EverQuest 2 with Director of Development, Dave ‘Smoke Jumper’ Georgeson and the games current producer, Holly ‘Windstalker’ Longdale over on Twitch TV.

As expected the webcast largely discussed the upcoming Qeynos revamp in Game Update 64 this summer, upcoming Dungeon Maker changes and threw us another tidbit with a further confirmation that there will indeed be a new EQ2 expansion *THIS* year!

The highlights of the matters discussed were…


Our new domain and web site…

Well, I finally crumbled, and decided to go ahead and buy a domain name and hosting package for a web site home for our guild to come later down the line.

A screen capture of the TLO Guild Blog home page as it stood on Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Our new domain name, is www.tloguild.org. As you can see there’s nothing active there just yet, but I do indeed hope to port over our current WordPress Blog to this new domain sometime in the next month all being well. The blog, which is open to the world at large to read and enjoy as well as our guild, will then continue to be the main focus of the site once this happens, but I hope to be able to add on more goodies thereafter around our Blog.

Introducing a Drunken Dwarven Paladin, Sanctior…

So, I recently rolled a character on the Antonia Bayle server, by the name of Sanctior Quam’tu (apparently Latin for ‘Holier than thou’ which I thought was rather apt for a self-righteous Paladin), and, yes, as you’ve guessed from the screenshot, it’s another drunken Dwarf, they’re so much fun to roleplay!

Drunken Dwarf Paladin hangs precariously in the balance in the Greater Faydark.

Being a drunken Dwarf, Sanctior finds himself in all kinds of scrapes and precarious situations, here we find him in his home city of Kelethin, high in the forest of the Greater Faydark, precariously balanced on the end of a branch with absolutely no idea how he got there, he was however convinced he was ‘as jober as a sudge Occifer!’ (whatever that means!) when confronted by a Kelethin Guard upon making his way back down to one of the platforms in the tree city, and conveniently pointed the finger of blame at his Dire Bear mount, ‘a mind of it’s own I tells ye’ occifer, a mind of it’s own! *hiccup*’.

Mmmmmm breakfast!

Fresh cream raspberry turnover

Thor was up and at ’em bright and early this morning (at 5am) to catch up on a spot of blogging, the sun was already radiantly rising into the morning skies, and Thor’s belly was a rumbling!  (It goes with the territory of being a Barbarian).

I don’t often do breakfast I have to say, and I know that I should do really, afterall it’s the most important meal of the day supposedly.

The Future of EverQuest 2: an upcoming SOE Community Webcast…

This Thursday afternoon / evening (depending on your timezone) sees the weekly SOE Community Webcast take a look at the future of EverQuest 2.

SOE Community Webcast - The Future of EverQuest 2 - Thursday May 24th 4.30pm PDTAccording to the article on the official EverQuest 2 site, this webcast will be hosted by Dave ‘Smoke Jumper’ Georgeson (Director of Development), together with Holly ‘Windstalker’ Longdale (Producer) and will explore what’s in the pipeline for EverQuest 2 and states… “if you are an EQII fan and want to know what’s coming next, this is a must see Webcast!”.

Tune in to this Webcast on Thursday, 24th May, 2012 at 4.30pm PDT over on Twitch TV (which on a sidenote, your blog author loves, and highly recommends signing up for an account, there is some great game streaming that goes off here).  The webcast is expected to run for approximately 20 minutes.

The new EQ2 Shellfish Pup Papoose backpack…

One of the new items on the EQ2 Marketplace this week is the Shellfish Pup Papoose backpack, which can be previewed here…

It’s a super cute looking backpack, and features two Othmir pups snuggled together, with their heads popping out over the top.  As well as looking good, it’s also rather useful, featuring no less than a whopping 44 inventory slots.